The Finest in Custom Cabinetry
Sill Wood Design Kitchen
Sill Wood Designs Kitchen

The Finest in Custom Cabinetry

I am a fortunate man to be doing what I do. As a kid, I built things with erector sets and I never really had to grow up. Since 1974, people have come to Sill Wood Design with problems and given me money to fix them.

As my interests have become more sophisticated and the jobs more complicated, a great world has provided me with customers who like the good stuff.

I followed my grandbabies up to Battle Ground, WA recently, after a lifetime in Southern California. Sill Wood Design may be running out of a slightly smaller shop these days, but the quality hasn't changed.

Give me a call at 909-864-0075  or send me an Email and I'll be happy to set up an appointment.